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Mark Hendriks
Let's not just make noise, let's make a difference.
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Mark Hendriks as speaker in Taipei
Keynote speaker
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Workshop leader
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Back in time.

Started marketing study

1st September 2013

Oma's Pop-up

16th May 2015

In Mark's second year he had to start a business and wanted to do something for society. Eventually he came up with the idea of elderly cooking for guests in a restaurant to prevent loneliness.‎

Invited by Dutch Prime Minister

16th June 2015

On the 16th of June, Mark Hendriks was invited by the Prime Minister at het Catshuis to talk about social entrepreneurship. Quote: “The society is strong because people like you, are willing to work for the weaker in society but are also involved in starting new initiatives.

Mark Hendriks invited by Dutch Prime Minister

Winner startup contest

19th September 2015

Hogeschool Rotterdam issued a startup award for the most innovative startup. Oma’s Pop-up won the award with a cash prize of €2,500 euros.‎

About social interaction

16th March 2016

Personal item on the Dutch public broadcast corporation about meaningful communication.

Winner Randstad Talent Award

20th April 2016

Randstad Nederland issued the Randstad Talent Award to Mark Hendriks and his co-founder for developing a meaningful business. The cash prize of €25,000 euros was invested in Oma’s Pop-up.‎

Mark Hendriks Randstad Talent Award

Keynote speaker in Taipei, Taiwan

21th April 2016

Social Enterprise Insights (Asia) invited Mark Hendriks to speak in Taiwan as a keynote speaker about social entrepreneurship and Oma's Pop-up.

Interview Taiwanese National TV

23th April 2016

Mark Hendriks was interviewed by EBC in Taiwan in about his keynote presentation on the event of Social Enterprise Insights in Taipei.‎

Oma's Pop-up at Rotterdam Centraal

September - October 2016

Oma’s Pop-up rented a pop-up store on Rotterdam Central Station to draw attention to loneliness. Below an interview about the idea and the location on the central station.

Hugo de Jonge visits Oma's Pop-up

September - October 2016

Former alderman of Rotterdam, now Deputy Prime Minister of The Netherlands visited Mark Hendriks at Oma's Pop-up.‎

Hugo de Jonge with Mark Hendriks in Oma's Pop-up

Nomination Job Dura Award

29th October 2016

The Job Dura Foundation (initiated by Dura Vermeer) has nominated Mark Hendriks as powerful entrepreneur.‎

Received MaatschapWij Ribbon

6th January 2017

Proposed and received a MaatschapWij ribbon as a meaningful person and entrepreneur.‎

Nominee Adecco's CEO for a Month

23th April 2017

Attended at the competition of Adecco to select a CEO for One Month. Mark was selected as one of the 50 finalists and became 11th. The winner of this selection got the chance to be aside the CEO of Adecco Group NL, Hans Pruis.‎

Mark Hendriks at an event for the finalists of Adecco's CEO for One Month

Keynote speaker in Hsinchu, Taiwan

7th - 8th September 2017

Mark Hendriks was asked by an advisory of the Ministry of Labor to speak about social entrepreneurship combined with elderly care on a two day conference in Hsinchu, Taiwan.‎

Mark Hendriks as keynote speaker in Hsinchu

Gruaduated: Bachelor of Business Administration

12th July 2018
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